How Do You Print Business Cards at Home?

How Do You Print Business Cards at Home?

Those who own a computer with Microsoft Word can use this software to create business cards and print them out at home, according to Microsoft. In Microsoft Word, business cards are available as an Avery template, but can be modified as needed.

Use the following steps to print business cards at home.

  1. Open up the business card template
  2. Open Microsoft Word on the computer. Click on the "Mailing" tab, and then click on the "Labels" tab and on "Options." A Label Product list will open up. Select "Avery Standard" in the list and select the desired type of Avery label and then click "OK."

  3. Fill in the contact information
  4. Fill in the business name and contact information in the text box inside the Labels window. Create a new line for each piece of information. Modify the font size, type and color by right-clicking the mouse above the text box. Make the desired changes and click "OK."

  5. Print the business cards
  6. Purchase sheets of business card stock for the home printer. These may already be perforated for easy separation. Place a sheet in the printer. On Microsoft Word, click the "Print" icon and select "Print Full Page of the Same Label." Click on "Print Preview" to see how the cards and business information will look on the page, according to Office Online. Click "Print" to have a sheet of business cards printed out. Use a pair of scissors or a box cutter and straight edge to separate the cards.