How Do You Print Blank Stock Certificates?


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Purchase, download and print blank stock certificates from RocketLawyer.com, USLegalForms.com or eStocketc.com. Alternatively, download free stock certificate templates from Bindertek.com, personalize the documents and print them out.

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Stock certificates act as proof of investment and can help protect investor rights, states Rocket Lawyer. They also serve as evidence of transfer when stock changes hands; the reverse side of the document should provide a form for this purpose, notes US Legal Forms.

To be valid, a stock certificate must bear the signature of the president or the secretary of the issuing firm, explains US Legal Forms. The name of the issuing corporation, the date and location of incorporation, the name of the shareholder, and the date of issue should also appear. The document should also indicate the amount of stock that it represents, the registered number of the certificate and the total number of shares that a specific issue of stock authorizes.

Firms issue preferred stock and common stock, adds US Legal Forms. Preferred stockholders cannot vote, although the law gives them a right to receive dividends before other shareholders, while common stock carries voting power. When stockholders purchase shares, they can also receive registered certificates or bearer certificates. Registered certificates appear on the issuing corporation's stockholder's register, while bearer certificates grant full authority to whoever possesses them.

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