How Do You Print a Blank Employee Time Sheet Form?


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Print a blank employee time sheet form by downloading the appropriate documents from sites such as CalcuateHours.com, FishbowlWorkforce.com, Redcort.com and PrintableTimeSheets.com, as of 2015. Once you download the appropriate time sheet, open it in a word processing or spreadsheet program, and print it by accessing the Print option within the File menu.

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CalculateHours.com offers a wide range of blank employee time sheet forms, organizing them according to specific circumstances such as employees who do not have paid lunch breaks or pay periods that include overtime. Click one of the template categories to view all the documents within that section, or view all of the site's templates.

FishbowlWorkforce.com offers a standard blank employee time sheet as a free download for use in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. The Excel file includes formulas for automatically calculating total hours and pay rates, whereas the other documents require manual calculations.

The time sheets on Redcort.com are also available in multiple file formats, each of which includes options to customize the form to meet specific company requirements and needs. These sheets cover weekly or bi-weekly pay periods and include sections for tracking overtime payments.

PrintableTimesheets.com offers many different types of time sheets that cover multiple payment periods, and working situations, typically as free downloads. It also features time sheets that allow for tracking multiple employees on the same document.

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