How Do You Print 1099 Forms?

To print blank 1099 forms on printer paper or card stock, click the link on the IRS website to go to the correct PDF file, notes the Internal Revenue Service. Then, follow the instructions for filling in the information for the vendor(s) to whom you plan to send the form(s).

There are 17 different types of 1099 forms, each dealing with a different type of income. Form 1099-INT, for example, goes to each person to whom an organization or individual paid at least $10 in interest income for the prior tax year, or even less if the entity withheld federal income taxes under backup withholding rules or if the entity withheld and paid any foreign taxes, reports the IRS.

Form 1099-B reports proceeds from barter and broker exchanges, while Form 1099-DIV reports dividends and other distributions by financial institutions to investors. Form 1099-MISC reports awards, prizes, royalties, rents and other fixed income, as stated by the IRS.

Companies that have bookkeeping packages such as QuickBooks can use pre-printed blank 1099 forms to print completed forms for each vendor, notes Intuit QuickBooks Support. Follow the directions for placing pre-printed blank 1099 forms into the printer, and run the forms through to have vendor information added for distribution.