How Are Pringles Made?


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Pringles are made from a combination of rice, corn, wheat and potato flakes. This powder-like substance is turned into a dough using water, and the dough is rolled out onto a sheet and mechanically cut. Afterward, the chips are baked in oil for a few seconds, blown dry and covered in seasoning.

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Before Pringles chips are baked, they are moved down a conveyor belt and pressed into molds. These molds give Pringles chips their famous shape. Although the shape of the chips is iconic, the real reason they have this shape is so they neatly stack in their cylinder-shaped packaging. Traditional potato chips are made from slicing potatoes and frying them. This keeps them from being completely uniform in shape.

Pringles may seem similar to other potato chips, but the company doesn't consider them potato chips, according to a statement released by the company. They are not technically potato chips because the dough used to make the chips only contains 40 percent potato flour. The Pringles company used this stance to try to avoid paying taxes that are levied on traditional potato chips. However, the FDA ruled that Pringles are indeed potato chips, so they are liable for these taxes.

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