What Are the Principles of Organization?

Key principles of organization involve letting go of past organizational structures in favor of a fresh approach, fixing problems in the structure before implementing a new one and fully utilizing top talent. Additional key factors include accountability, purposeful hierarchy and organizational strength.

A good organization requires an effective operational structure, and a major organizational principle is to remain flexible and open to change. Companies sometimes need to discard old methods and adapt a new structure to keep the company competitive. Declaring amnesty to all past organizational endeavors is a good way to move forward with redesigning the organization. Companies should focus efforts on fixing any problems in the existing structure and smoothing out operations before changing the entire organizational structure. This process includes eliminating nonproductive activities, making staff accountability clear and including positive rewards for workers.

An important organizational principle is to always seek ways to fully use the skills of top talent. This might involve analyzing and changing job descriptions of key personnel, giving them tasks that makes use of their best skills and talents. Companies can balance the strengths and weaknesses of each employee to create an efficient work environment. Each employee must understand they are accountable for contributing to the organization, and strong emphasis is placed on creating positive accountability relationships between management and staff.