How Do You Price a Used Mobile Home?


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Owners of a used mobile home can receive a manufactured home value report by submitting an online questionnaire, according to NADAguides. Alternatively, homeowners can print out the request form and fax it, or mail it to the designated address. Price estimates are based on depreciated replacement costs for mobile homes.

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Pricing a used mobile home is a complex procedure that is better left to professionals, claims Loansafe.org. Many professionals rely on the N.A.D.A. mobile home blue book guide when seeking information on the value of mobile homes, and some financial lenders rely on its numbers. If homeowners need pricing information to give to lenders, the guide may be all that is needed. However, the guide method of home valuation is not the most reliable one for owners of permanent mobile homes, because calculations don't include land values.

Other resources available to assist with figuring out the value of a mobile home are banks and real estate agents, notes Loansafe.org. Some banks may be willing to offer homeowners a free appraisal in exchange for consideration of using their refinancing services. Real estate agents familiar with mobile homes are excellent resources for finding out current home values. Factors that go into calculating the value of mobile homes include the home's age and local selling prices of similar homes.

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