How Do You Get the Best Price for Trees Logged on Your Property?


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Get the best price for trees logged on your property by ensuring a steady market before beginning the process, renting or purchasing quality machinery to perform the logging and hiring skilled workers to complete the process. Other factors that contribute to the sale price include the quantity of lumber, the type of wood and the condition of the trees before and after processing.

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Always study the lumber market in your area before beginning the logging process to ensure that you have buyers willing to purchase from you. To ensure the highest quality output, use the appropriate tools to cut down the trees and the right equipment to process them into various products. Hiring workers who understand the machinery and refinement process also helps avoid costly mistakes that harm the wood and prevent you from selling it.

The term "logging" refers to the process of cutting down a tree and processing it into various types of wood products, including lumber, wood pulp or sawtimber. This stands in contrast to the stumpage method of selling trees, wherein you only cut down the trees and leave all the process work to the buyer. Logging often results in higher profits because you can offer a more complete product, thus passing the operating costs on to the buyers rather than absorbing it yourself. However, the process requires the wood product to be in optimal condition, meaning that any damage may render the wood useless.

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