How Do You Price a Modular Home?


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The pricing of a modular home is set by the individual company, but, in general, it is possible to take a base square footage price and apply multipliers and additional fees to this value, according to Modular Home Owners. This base square footage price does not include shipping or customizations.

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As of 2015, the cheapest base price for a modular home is $35 per square foot, states Modular Home Owners. However, $50 per square foot is the average price. This base price only includes the value for the prefabricated manufactured home for a specific floor plan, and it does not include any alterations or customizations. Additionally, many companies include non-living space, such as the attic or basement, as a way to artificially decrease the square footage price, making the total value more appealing to customers.

After settling on a base price, the customer begins to develop a specific custom price. This includes alterations, customizations, upgrades and other extra features. The average custom price is $60 per square foot, according to Modular Home Owners. However, the total price of the finished home is nearly double that of the custom price, due to delivery, setup of both the home and the site, taxes, and other fees.

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