How Do You Find the Price of Caterpillar Stock?


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One can find the current price of Caterpillar stock by using a stock market tracking service such as those offered by Market Watch, The Street or CNN Money. Current prices are also found on the NASDAQ website as well as the Investor section of the Caterpillar website.

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To look up prices for Caterpillar stock on MarketWatch.com, users need to search for the company's stock market symbol, "CAT," or enter the company's full name. Once the user chooses the appropriate company, she is able to view a full financial analysis of Caterpillar stock performance over time periods ranging from one day to five years. This analysis is presented in the form of a line chart that graphs the stock price over the time period specified, along with a list of key highlights such as the highest price point and net change. Each company's page on the site contains links to new articles about the company and articles from stock market analysts dissecting the company's performance and financial outlook.

The Investor section of Caterpillar.com contains a heading with the company's current stock price along with links to relevant information for investors, such as earnings histories, historical price lookup tools and analyst coverage.

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