Has the Price of Aluminum Increased or Decreased in Recent Years?

The price of aluminum has experienced an overall decrease in the time period between October 2005 and October 2015. While the price has spiked and collapsed on certain occasions, aluminum's value has been on the decline since 2011.

The price of aluminum in October 2005 was around 90 cents per pound of aluminum. In the spring of 2006 and the middle of 2008, the price of aluminum peaked at approximately $1.40 per pound. Aluminum's value proceeded to drop precipitously in the fall of 2008 until bottoming out at around 60 cents a pound. Aluminum's value rebounded slowly, peaking in the spring of 2011 at around $1.20 a pound. Since then, the price has generally declined to its October 2015 price of approximately 70 cents a pound.