How Do You Find the Price of Aluminum Cans Per Pound?

Scrap collectors often publish the price of aluminum cans per pound on their websites. For example, the Montgomery Scrap Corp, which is located in Maryland, posts pricing information at Montgomery Scrap Corp pays 33 cents per pound, as of October 2015.

The price per pound of aluminum cans changes periodically with the price of aluminum on the world market. A simple mathematical equation determines the approximate price of aluminum cans per pound based on the price of aluminum per pound. The price of aluminum per pound is available on metals exchange and mining knowledge websites, such as

The equation entails multiplying your total number of cans by .03, and then multiplying the product by the price of aluminum per pound. The second number in the equation refers to the approximate weight of an aluminum can, which is .03 percent of a pound or roughly 14 grams. The current weight of an aluminum can is about 2.5 grams less than it was in 1992.

This equation yields a best case scenario that may not correspond to the reality. Although the differences may only be slight, scrap yards across the country each pay different amounts for pounds of aluminum cans.