How Do You Find a Previous 401(k) Account?


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To find a previous 401(k) account, look for the name of the plan administrator by contacting your previous employer, asking current or former employees for the name of the administrative firm, or searching previous 401(k) statements for the information, suggests The Denver Post. Also check national databases run by the U.S. Department of Labor and National Registry for Unclaimed Retirement Benefits to look for your missing 401(k) account.

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To check for unclaimed 401(k) accounts on the National Registry for Unclaimed Retirement Benefits, enter your Social Security number on the search page at Unclaimedretirementbenefits.com, instructs PenChecks, Inc. The search returns a list of any 401(k) accounts held by previous employers. You can then input your contract information, so the employer can contact you with more information.

To look for unclaimed 401(k) accounts listed on the U.S. Department of Labor website, use the Employee Benefits Security Administration's abandoned plan search engine. This search provides administrator contact information, according to The Denver Post.

The federal government requires that 401(k) administrators file a Form 5500 each year, which includes the company's contact information, explains The Denver Post. Go to FreeERISA.com to find the filing for your previous employer, so you can contact the 401(k) administrator.

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