What Are Preventative Maintenance Forms?


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Preventative maintenance forms help organizations track the needs of their various systems and ensure that upkeep takes place according to the recommended schedule. Filling out these forms provides a paper trail of accountability to keep facilities in optimal condition.

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One common form that school facilities boards use is a preventative maintenance district questionnaire. This allows school districts to evaluate their own programs and determine their adequacy. School facilities boards use these questionnaires as tools during their district inspections.

A form that many different organizations use is an informational sheet showing the life expectancies of various items that they use. This ranges from machinery to appliances to other features, and it assumes that the organization uses quality replacement parts and follows the manufacturer's maintenance schedule.

Task sheets for managing maintenance for roofing, HVAC systems, electrical systems, surfaces, plumbing systems and special equipment or special systems are also important preventative maintenance forms. These task sheets are designed to bring uniformity to the maintenance process. They also help to ensure that maintenance protocols follow manufacturer's recommendations and organizational policies. Some organizations also post a plan approval statement with their preventative maintenance forms to demonstrate that their maintenance policies fit within a global outline for stable operations.

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