How Do You Present a Resume?

If you present a resume in person, it is important to do so in a businesslike outfit and with a sealed manila envelope that contains the resume, job application and cover letter for the position. Check beforehand to ensure that the company allows paper resumes and doesn't prefer electronic resumes.

The resume inside your manila envelope should have up-to-date information, including a cover letter customized to that specific job as well as your current contact information. Men should wear a business suit to present a resume, whereas women should wear either a suit or a dress and jacket. For both sexes, shoes should be polished, nails and hair cleaned and groomed, and any jewelry or makeup should be minimized.

It is very important to courteously greet everyone you encounter when dropping off your resume. This includes security guards and receptionists, because their opinion of you informs how they describe you to anyone in a hiring position. When speaking to the receptionist, mention that you are dropping off your resume and wish to present it to the hiring manager. If he is not available, leave the manila envelope for him to view later. If he is available, treat this opportunity as a miniature job interview and do your best to convince him you are the best candidate for the job.