What Prerequisites Are Required to Become a Roll-Off Driver?


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Employers hire roll-off driver applicants with high school degrees or higher education, commercial driver's licenses, ample truck driving experience, and good driving records. They also prefer applicants with good interpersonal skills, the ability to remain calm in tense situations and the ability to maintain neutral emotions during stressful circumstances.

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Some employers require aspiring roll-off drivers to obtain Class A or B commercial driver's licenses and gain at least two years of relevant driving experience. They may also require motor vehicle reports covering the most recent 36 months to check if an applicant has only one or no moving accidents or violations, no suspensions, and no driving under the influence convictions.

Aspiring roll-off drivers should have the skills to maneuver trucks inside minimum clearance spaces, find service addresses using key maps, comply with safe operating practices and keep track of operations to identify loose debris. Good customer service and English skills are necessary, as the work of roll-off drivers requires communicating with customers and reading and writing daily reports.

A healthy physique is also essential, as the job of roll-off drivers involves crouching, climbing, bending, lifting and other physical activities. Roll-off drivers are mainly responsible for driving roll-off container trucks to gather and deliver construction debris to landfills. They conduct inspections before and after driving assignments, send vehicle condition reports, clean loose trash and waste debris from the trucks, and interact with the general public.

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