How Do You Prepare a Years of Service Speech?


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Preparing a tribute speech for someone retiring from an occupation, also known as a Years of Service speech, involves recognizing all of the employee's accomplishments during her tenure, using appropriate humor to keep the audience engaged and thanking the employee for her work. The speech should also retain a positive tone and mention any necessary aspects of the ceremony, such as awards or other services.

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Writing a retirement tribute speech involves learning about the life and career of the employee in question in order to make the speech as personal and relevant as possible. This can include speaking to the employee as well as her coworkers, supervisors and family members to gather stories about their interactions with her for use in the speech. At the start of the speech, it is important to explain the purpose of the event by mentioning the recipient, her retirement and the number of years she worked at the company.

The body of the speech should focus on summarizing the employee's role at the company through a brief overview of her time there so that the audience understands the importance and breadth of her career. The speech should also utilize several stories to highlight examples of her most common characteristics, such as working long hours or always taking the time to great new employees. The end of the speech should mention any special awards or accolades for the employee and introduce the next segment of the event.

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