How Do I Prepare for a Red Seal Exam?


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To prepare for the Red Seal exam, you must study. Obtain a sufficient amount of sleep and abstain from alcohol and caffeine the night before the exam. Bring the proper tools to the exam, such as a photo identification card and textbook. Find the testing location beforehand, and determine the traveling time before the day of the test.

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To study for the Red Seal Exam, find related textbooks and literature at your college, on the Internet or at the public library. Use the self-study questions at the end of textbooks as practice questions for the Red Seal exam. The National Occupational Analysis Glossary is an important asset to your studies; use it to find precise terminology and definitions. The Red Seal program encourages future testers to talk to those who have already taken the Red Seal Exam for advice on helpful study resources.

Once you gather your resources, maintain a regular study routine that includes a consistent and varied study plan. A 10-minute review at the end of each session can help you retain information after each session.

Right before the exam, participate in low-level aerobic activity to increase the oxygen flow to your brain, and eat a light snack right before the test for energy. Before the exam, ask the exam proctors about items allowed in the examination room.

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