How Do You Prepare for a Professional Business Portrait?


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To prepare for a professional business portrait, get your hair cut one to two weeks before the session, dress modestly and in solid colors. Choose an environment in which you feel relaxed and a professional photographer with experience in portraiture.

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  1. Pick the photographer

    When you are deciding on your photographer, ensure the package includes at least one change of outfit and retouching. The photographer should also have a professional reputation, and effective ideas for props and locations in which you feel comfortable. Make sure you own the copyright of the photos.

  2. Prepare your appearance two weeks before the shoot

    Choose at least two outfits: one suit and another less formal. Clothing should not be sleeveless, and avoid very high-necked clothing. Going with anything other than solid colors risks attention being diverted from your face. Practice various makeup styles; neutral eye shadow is best and adds depth. Get your hair cut one to two weeks before the shoot date, and practice smiling. Develop a checklist for the day of the shoot. For example, you may need to make an appointment for hair styling.

  3. Get ready on the day of the shoot

    Style your hair yourself, or choose to have this professionally done. Do your makeup, and powder your forehead and nose to decrease shine. Relax and try to avoid stress before your portrait session.

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