How Do You Prepare for a Notary Public Exam?

Prepare for a notary public exam by studying the exam handbook, studying notary public laws and recent cases, studying possible scenarios and taking practice tests. A notary public is responsible for verifying signatures on legal documents, and most states require applicants to take a licensing exam before becoming certified.

Every state authority that administers notary public exams also provides an exam handbook that outlines the basic guidelines and responsibilities for becoming a notary. Applicants must study this handbook closely in order to prepare for the test. In some states, applicants are allowed to use the handbook during their exams.

Applicants should also review specific notary laws for the state in which they are applying. State legislature websites offer useful information about current notary laws that applicants can study. Looking at recent court cases involving notary errors is also useful to see how notary law actually applies to real issues.

It’s beneficial to review common scenarios and questions that might be presented to a notary. Most state licensing agencies offer these types of questions online for review. It’s worthwhile for applicants to act out typical scenarios to gain a better understanding of a notary’s duties.

Finally, taking practice tests is an obvious method to study for the actual notary exam. Most states offer practices tests online, and the National Notary Association also offers online courses to help applicants prepare for exams.