How Do You Prepare for Meter Reader Employment Testing?


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Individuals should prepare for meter reader employment testing by understanding how to obtain information from tables and assign code numbers to data. Candidates should sharpen skills such as computation, problem solving, visual speed and accuracy prior to the test. Additionally, individuals should get enough sleep before the test and arrive at the test site early to relax in advance.

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The candidate should learn how to extract information quickly from number tables. During the test, candidates must obtain information from a table within a timed period. Applicants also should work on problem-solving skills and computations with whole numbers, percentiles, fractions and decimals. Test takers should learn how to apply the right arithmetic operations to solve problems within a timed period. They should familiarize themselves with grammar rules, spelling, punctuation and proofreading skills.

Test takers should learn to assign code numbers correctly to a given data. The test involves reading data from item lists and matching it with the correct codes from a different list. Applicants can sharpen their data-scanning skills by checking the similarity between pairs of items such as symbols and letters. Perceptual acuity helps employees in the identification of errors within number strings. Test takers who feel nervous should take a breathing exercise prior to the test to relax, suggests Public Service Electric and Gas, a New Jersey power company.

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