How Do You Prepare for a Life Insurance Exam?

To prepare for a life insurance medical exam, have your paperwork and information ready, including photo identification, a list of current doctors and their contact information, and a list of current medications, vitamins and therapies, advises Bankrate. Fast 12 hours before the exam, avoid extreme exercise on the day of the exam and get eight hours of sleep the night before.

Because most life insurance exams test for nicotine in the system, quit smoking well in advance of the exam for a better rate, recommends Bankrate. However, it is best not to lie about smoking, as nicotine remains in the body for a long time. Avoid ingesting caffeine, which can raise blood pressure, shellfish, which can raise cholesterol levels, and poppy seeds, which can result in a false positive for opium, several days before the exam.

Eat healthy, light meals in the days preceding the life insurance exam, as these regulate blood pressure and prevent measurements, such as for cholesterol, from being skewed in the blood test results, suggests Andrew G. Gordon Inc. Limit the ingestion of sugary drinks, such as pop. If the test is not at home, arrive several minutes early to have a few moments to relax before the exam.