How Do You Prepare for a Job Interview?


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Prepare for a job interview by practicing the answers out loud to commonly asked questions. Practice is an important tool in preparation because it increases confidence and reduces the chances of quickly blurting out an inappropriate answer.

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Practice stating your strengths and weaknesses and why you would be a good fit for the position. Read the job description, and match your skills to each requirement. Set out your interview wardrobe the night before to ensure that it is clean, neat and professional. Review the travel directions to the interview, and plan to leave so that you arrive 10 minutes early. Save the interviewer's name, address and phone number into your cell phone so it is readily available. Check for traffic delays hours before the interview so that the appropriate detours can be taken. Review the version of the resume and cover letter that was sent in, and make extra copies of that resume to take to the interview. Research information about the firm by accessing its website and checking its latest announcements on Twitter. Based on your research, try to create good questions to ask about the company to show interest and insight. Try to get eight hours of sleep so that you are rested and alert. Start the day of the interview with a good breakfast. When you meet the interviewer, offer your right hand and give a firm handshake, direct eye contact and a friendly smile.

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