How Do You Prepare for a Hoisting License Test?

One way to prepare for a hoisting license test is to take test preparation classes or workshops offered by organizations such as the University of Massachusetts Transportation Center and Mass Hoisting Training, Inc. Hoisting license preparatory classes and workshops are held at specific locations, requiring in-person attendance.

The UMass Baystate Roads Program offers a limited time workshop that covers safe operation, inspection guidelines and state laws for guardrail mower operation. This workshop for the 4G mower hoisting licensing exam is four hours long, and is open to individuals in the public and private sector. Mass Hoisting Training, Inc. offers two hoisting test preparation course options. Its 1B course option covers cranes with telescoping booms and forklifts, and the combination 2A and 1C course is in two parts.

Part 2A covers information about front end loaders, excavators and unloaders. Individuals can register for hoisting test prep courses at the sign up page, and the training date and location is also listed. Mass Hoisting Training, Inc. course attendees must bring a valid driver's license for identification. Attendees must also bring a valid Department of Transportation health card and a blank check to cover the exam fee.

Hoisting equipment operators in Massachusetts are legally required to obtain a license from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. All hoisting equipment operators must be 18 years or older, submit an application and pass the hoisting exam.