How Do You Prepare an Employee Satisfaction Survey?


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Prepare an employee satisfaction survey by first having a goal or purpose for the survey, such as understanding a dip in employee morale or gathering opinions concerning a change in compensation or benefits. Write a series of questions using objective language, and utilize a quantitative and qualitative answer format.

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Determine beforehand if the survey is better for employees to complete anonymously or with identification. Next, choose a delivery format for the survey by deciding between making an online questionnaire or a physical document. Allow some questions to be answered quantitatively. These questions ask respondents to rate something from best to worst or to answer "yes" or "no." The remainder of the questions are qualitative, and these types of questions may ask respondents about how to change things for the better or how often a certain circumstance affects them. Offer a reward, such as gift cards or movie passes, for employees who submit their surveys.

After collecting the surveys at the end of the survey period, collate the responses. Create a summary report, and do not just file the surveys without analyzing the data. Some online survey tools provide this as part of the package included with the use of the software. Refer back to the purpose of the survey to see if the answers provide the feedback needed to address the initial issue. Use the analysis to track company morale or issue resolution over a period of time.

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