How Do You Prepare for a Data Entry Skill Test?

prepare-data-entry-skill-test Credit: Eternity in an Instant/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Prepare for a data entry test by practicing the basic typing skills. Data entry requires a great deal of typing, so the tests typically measure both the speed and accuracy of your typing and your ability to correctly enter data into a database's fields.

In this type of test, you are provided with a block of text that you must enter into a word processing document. The timed exam seeks to find out the number of words you can type per minute and the accuracy at which you enter them.

Taking several pre-tests helps you improve hand-eye coordination between the source document, your fingers and the page you type on. Practice with data entry of text first, which serves as a perfect way to become comfortable with the keyboard and increase the speed gradually. Use different blocks of text that include a wide range of characters, such as numbers and punctuations, to increase proficiency.

Simultaneously, download samples of databases, learn how to enter data into a particular field, and then use the appropriate keys to progress to the next field. Practicing for some few days before sitting for the test can boost your confidence and speed, thus maximizing your chances of passing.