How Do You Prepare Answers for an Interview About a Case Study?


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Practice for a case study interview by researching different types of cases from resources such as books, websites and videos on case competitions. Research the company to find out what kind of business it does and who its client base is.

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To research a company, find company profiles through its website, social media site, articles and media kit. The person conducting the interview is interested in how you arrive at an answer, so practice discussing the analysis and prognosis aloud and use key terms that you have discovered through researching the company. If possible, practice in front of someone who can give you constructive criticism and time the mock interview to keep it under 30 minutes.

When practicing, paraphrase any question asked before answering to show you understand the intent of the question. If additional information is needed to make the best decision, ask for it. It is acceptable to take a few moments to gather your thoughts before you begin to explain your answer and provide all alternative possibilities you considered before making a final choice. Take the necessary time to fully answer the questions and stay engaged with the person giving the interview so it becomes a discussion.

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