How Are Prefab Lodge Homes Different From Log Cabins?


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Prefab log homes are cheaper to build than conventionally built log cabins, states the Log Cabin Connection, and they are constructed on the home site in much less time than it takes to build a log cabin from the ground up. Prefab and kit log homes have a higher energy rating than regularly chinked log cabins. While conventionally built log cabins offer greater ability to customize the home, prefab log homes come in a kit that has very limited personalization.

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Contractors build log cabins on the site utilizing indigenous trees for logs, providing for greater variation in log texture, shape and uniqueness, which many log home owners desire, explains the Log Cabin Connection. Log home kits are built from machine milled logs to create uniformity in log size and shape, providing a simple and quick construction. Both types of log homes adhere to national and state building codes; however, the prefab homes are built to a controlled factory-type production model that greatly reduces cost and unexpected delays.

Many prefab log homes have wall panels that consist of timber framing with an interior sheet rock or wood wall, and insulation is covered by an external layer of logs, notes the Log Cabin Connection. This provides greater energy efficiency than typical log cabin construction. While the differences between prefab log homes and log cabins construction are many, the finished homes are virtually indistinguishable from one another.

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