What Is the Predictive Index Management Test?

The Predictive Index Management test is a 10-minute online assessment designed to find information about a person's work style. It helps employers to make informed and sound hiring decisions to benefit a company as well as the employees. It is also used as a management tool to understand what motivates employees.

Each year, millions of employees complete this assessment in their workplaces. There are many reasons why employers prefer using this test to gather information about an employee. It takes around 10 minutes to complete and allows clients to interpret the data immediately. PI assessment is a science-based test that is free of bias, helping employers comply with the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures offered by Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The test can be used in any industry, job level, company size and business models.

An employee first fills the out the Predictive Index and submits to a manager who has been trained to interpret the data. The manager compares the employee's answers to the Performance Requirement Options worksheet. The PRO helps a manager to learn the specific behaviors that enhance performance and productivity of a particular role. The results of the assessment can be correlated with the needs of a role to help in making an informed selection.