What Are Some PPO Plans Available at Blue Shield?


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As of 2015, some individual preferred provider organization (PPO) plans available through Blue Shield include the Bronze 60, Silver 70, Gold 80 and Platinum 90, notes the Blue Shield of California plan website. Some available PPO plans for small groups and businesses include Premier PPO 5, Enhanced PPO 15, Base PPO 30 and Spectrum PPO Plan 750 Value.

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Blue Shield offers several different PPO plans, which vary by state, so individuals and companies should visit their state's Blue Cross Blue Shield website to review available options for the area, notes the Blue Cross Blue Shield and Blue Shield of California company websites. Some available PPO plans through Blue Shield of California include:

  • Bronze 60 - Bronze plans may work well for individuals and families who rarely visit the doctor and prefer to have lower monthly premiums. These plans typically feature higher out-of-pocket costs and deductibles.
  • Silver 70 - Silver plans typically feature moderate deductibles and work well for routine care.
  • Gold 80 - Gold plans may work well for those who visit the doctor regularly as they feature higher premiums without deductibles.
  • Platinum 90 - Platinum plans may not have deductibles and can feature low out-of-pocket maximums and higher monthly premiums.
  • Premier PPO 5 - Premier plans for small groups and businesses typically feature low deductibles and low co-payment maximums.
  • Enhanced PPO 15 - Enhanced plans feature low monthly premiums.
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