What Are Some Powerful Words to Include on a Resume?

Managed, achieved, completed, increased and resolved are all beneficial verb choices to use on a resume. They show the command and betterment of a situation, something employers look for in a potential candidate. Some of the most powerful words to include on a resume, however, are almost always nouns, and the opportunity to impress comes in using the right nouns in a resume's job titles, degrees, skills, certifications, hardware and software, schools and organizations, notes U.S. News & World Report.

There are many words that can bring the active voice to a resume. Administered, advised, eliminated, improved, expanded, constructed, created, detected, lectured, modeled, obtained, ordered, mediated, influenced, produced, reduced, supplied, upgraded, utilized, restored, marketed, directed and coached are all good choices, states the Career Center at the University of Michigan.

When choosing the most powerful nouns to include on a resume, job seekers should familiarize themselves with job descriptions and employer websites. There may be certain words that repeat across both, perhaps in other job titles or issues managed frequently by the company, and those are the words that would be beneficial to include on a resume. This is also an excellent way to learn any particular jargon that is used by a particular company. Structuring a resume with personalized language is one way to get an employer's attention.