What Are Some Power Words for a Resume?


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Some powerful words for a resume include advanced, assigned, assessed, accelerated, demonstrated, delegated, enhanced, excelled, investigated, trained, developed, devised, spearheaded, consolidated, diagnosed and expedited, notes both Careerealism.com and Time.com. Resume words vary based on the specific purpose or task completed.

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Including power words in a resume can assist in achieving employment, notes Careerealism. Power words help avoid clichés and have a greater chance of motivating the reader. Careerealism lists 100 power words to use on a resume in alphabetical order.

TIME offers 185 powerful verbs to help transcend a resume. Most resumes start with similar words, making it important to utilize strong, compelling action verbs instead to stand out among competition. The TIME website also organizes the power words based on the specific task completed. Some of the tasks relate to leading a project, envisioning and bringing to life a project, saving the company time or money, and increasing efficiency, sales, revenue or customer satisfaction.

The LiveCareer website offers additional resume tips and professional writing services. Visitors can see how to utilize power words and fit them into the resume accordingly. Sample resumes are also available. These resumes are available for legal, management, insurance, marketing, human resources, science and government specialist jobs.

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