What Are Power-Only Truck Loads?

Power-only truck loads are trucking jobs that require only a tractor and driver to move a load of goods from one place to another. The trailer is loaded and secured by the customer who then needs someone to attach a truck tractor to the trailer and haul it away. Trucking service companies such as FRC Logistics, Inc. match customers with power-only hauling services for various types of cargo.

Power-only trucking services often have an inventory of truck cab units equipped with an adjustable fifth wheel, which makes it much easier to attach trailers of different sizes and weights. The trucking service needs to know if the trailer weight is above the capacity of standard tractors. Bigger loads require four-axle cab units capable of handling extra weight. Experienced drivers are another important factor when considering which power-only truck service to use.

FRC Logistics, Inc. works with trucking services that use drivers who have experience with handling power-only truck loads. Some loads need just one driver, while others require an experienced team. Power-only truck drivers must be comfortable handling fragile cargo such as medical equipment and drive equipment that is compliant with local, state and national regulations. Reputable power-only carriers can haul shipping containers, flatbed trailers, dry vans and refrigerated vans with ease.