What Are Potential Engineering Jobs From A-Z?


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Aeronautic engineer, electrical engineer, java engineer, occupational safety technician and welding engineer are among a wide range of engineering jobs. Others include HVAC control systems engineer, mechanical device technician, refrigeration engineer and telecommunications engineer. Zero gravity engineering completes the A to Z list.

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Each field of engineering offers jobs ranging from journeyman and entry-level operations to highly technical, specialized research. Major fields of engineering include aerospace, chemical, civil, industrial and mechanical. Other major fields of specialty include environmental, metallurgic, nuclear, petroleum and software engineering. Biomedical engineers and technicians develop prosthetic devices, different approaches to dialysis treatment, and therapies related to human genomic research. Civil engineering jobs focus on design, structural mechanics and materials. Jobs such as plant manager and production engineer are common in the field of chemical engineering.

Metallurgic engineering positions range from foundry manager, machinist and mining engineer to quality control specialist. Nuclear reactor operator and nuclear physicist are highly specialized engineering positions. The field of petroleum engineering offers jobs for geologists. Industrial scientists and safety specialists are among the positions available in the field of industrial engineering. Lab quality engineers, vehicle and yacht designers also fall within the range of engineering jobs. Work in the field of ocean engineering, which combines engineering, ecology and architecture, and marine engineering, focusing on the operation of seagoing vessels, offer a range of jobs both above and under water.

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