What Are Some Postal Codes for Ontario?


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Some postal codes in the province of Ontario are K1A 0A6 in the city of Ottawa and M5V 2T6 in Toronto. A Canadian postal code is a six-character code used by the Canadian Post Corporation for sorting and delivering mail to their respective destinations.

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The formatting for postal codes is "ANA NAN" in which "A" represents alphabetical characters and "N" represents numerical characters. All of Canada's provinces and major territories are divided into sectors that are represented by an alphabetic character. This character is used as the first character within a postal code.

In Ontario, there are five code sectors, ranging from "K" to "M." The first three characters in a postal code are used to denote the city within a province or territory. Popular cities such as Ottawa, Niagara Falls and Toronto in Ontario have a postal code of K1A, L2E and M5P, respectively. Different districts within the cities have a varying third character, and the last three characters indicate specific locations within the city. For example, the Peace Tower in Ottawa has a full postal code of K1A 0A6, while the CN Tower has a postal code of M5V 2T6.

A full list of postal codes within Canada is available from Globefeed.com and a number of other reputable online sources. The codes are also used to categorize geographical location and conduct census reports nationwide.

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