What Are the Postal Codes for Edmonton?


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There are over 200 unique postal codes in Edmonton, Alberta. Some examples of Edmonton's postal codes are T5A0A2, T5M0T7 and T6B0J4. All Canadian postal codes beginning that begin with "T5" and T6" belong to addresses in Edmonton.

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Canadian postal codes are assigned based on the province and city from east to west. Postal codes in eastern provinces, such as Quebec and Nova Scotia, begin with letters at the beginning of the alphabet. Postal codes in western provinces, such as British Columbia and Alberta, begin with letters at the end of the alphabet. All postal codes in Alberta begin with the letter "T."

The only exceptions to the provincial lettering rules are extremely large cities and provinces with extremely small populations. Northwest Territories and Nunavut share a letter, "X," because their populations are not large enough to warrant separate postal code districts. The cities of Montreal and Toronto are so populous that they require individual postal code districts separate from the rest of their respective provinces. Montreal uses postal codes that begin with "H," and Toronto uses postal codes that begin with "M."

The second character in a Canadian postal code indicates if an address is urban or rural. Postal codes that correspond to rural areas use a "0" as their second character. These postal codes often incorporate multiple rural communities. All other digits in this position indicate that a postal code is part of an urban area.

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