What Are Some Postal Codes for Different Countries?


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Examples of postal codes from other countries include 13113 from Japan, EC1A1BA from the United Kingdom and 20150 from Brazil. The postal code for the Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo is 13113, EC1A1BA is a postal code from downtown London, and 20150 is a postal code from Rio de Janeiro.

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Postal codes are assigned on a national basis; no standardized international system exists as of 2015. Not all countries use postal codes. This even includes some industrialized countries with national postal systems. Ireland, for example, does not use postal codes despite having a national postal service.

Some countries share postal code systems with nearby nations. San Marino, Vatican City, Monaco and Liechtenstein are independent countries that share postal codes with neighboring countries. San Marino and Vatican City share their postal systems with Italy, Monaco uses French postal codes, and Liechtenstein uses Switzerland's postal code system. The Pacific islands of Palau, Marshall Islands and Federated States of Micronesia use the U.S. ZIP code system, despite not being part of the United States.

Finland, Greenland and Canada maintain special postal codes for the North Pole. Children use these postal codes when writing letters to Santa Claus. Finland uses 99999, Greenland uses 2412, and Canada uses H0H 0H0.

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