When Was Postage 1 Cent?


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U.S. postage for different types of mailings was 1 cent at different points in the U.S. Postal Service's history. In 1851, an unsealed circular of 1 ounce or less cost 1 cent to mail if it was traveling up to 500 miles, as did a drop letter.

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When Was Postage 1 Cent?
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By late 1852, all unsealed circulars and letters of 3 ounces or less cost 1 cent to mail. In 1855, only drop letters could be mailed for 1 cent. Postal cards, which differ from what one thinks of as a postcard today, were introduced in 1873, and they cost 1 cent to send until 1917. The rate for postal cards and postcards was made the same in 1898. Postal cards briefly returned to 1 cent from April 1925 through 1928. As of 2014, U.S. postage rates have never returned to 1 cent for any type of mailing ever since.

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