How Do You Post Customer Feedback on Your Website?


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The specific methods for posting customer feedback on a website vary according to the source of the feedback, as many review websites include tools for embedding the content in full. Other methods include posting pictures on the site, creating custom text and graphics with the feedback or linking to external sites that host the customer feedback.

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It is important to check the website where the customer feedback appears to see if it has any native tools to embedding the content on your website. For example, Yelp.com contains a set of programming tools specifically for business that allows you to display content from its users on your site. These methods include requirements and restrictions to avoid modifying or misrepresenting the review or your connection to the site.

If you are unable to use the programming tools to embed a review or piece of feedback on your site, you can also use your computer's screenshot functionality to take a digital snapshot of the review and embed it as an image on the site. This also works for feedback from social media sites. You may also pair the image with a link to the profile or post that includes the feedback. Another method is to copy the text and create your own graphics to put on the site, such as in a sidebar or dedicated feedback section. This method should also include an attribution and link to the source feedback.

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