Is It Possible to Sell a Used Double-Wide Mobile Home?

It is possible to sell a used double-wide mobile home. Although double-wide mobile homes often are sold with a lot or are left on a leased lot, it may be possible for the buyer to move the home to another location.

A mobile, or manufactured, home differs from a traditionally built home in that it is constructed on a chassis. Although the construction method means that the home technically is mobile, a double wide with axels removed, installed on a permanent foundation on a lot the owner owns, may be easier to sell. The permanently installed home qualifies as real estate rather than personal property. As such, buyers can use mortgage financing to purchase the used home and lot as a package. However, an owner can sell a home that still has axles and is not permanently, without the lot, in which case the buyer may take over the lot lease.

Even though double wides can be moved, the process may be cost-prohibitive. As of late 2014, moving such a home to a location 75 or fewer miles can cost between $10,000 and $13,000. That cost includes the permits needed for the oversized load to travel roadways as well as utility hook-ups after the home arrives at its destination.