Is It Possible to Save Money on Food Costs Using Wholesale Distributors?


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It is possible to save money on food using a wholesale distributor, but food items should only be bought in bulk if the entire package will be eaten before expiration. It helps to have a large freezer, as meats and frozen foods are often significantly cheaper at these clubs.

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Many of the good deals at wholesale clubs are in the frozen food and meat section. These products require freezing or refrigeration, and thus those who have deep chest freezers should take advantage of these deals, as these items can be bulky and unwieldy. These foods should not be bought if proper storage is not available, as they will expire and money will not be saved. When shopping at a wholesale distributor, a calculator may be useful, as many of the food products may be offered by the pallet. Use the calculator to determine the price per unit of food and determine if the purchase is really saving money.

In order to maximize the money saved on food, take inventories at home before going to the store. This will prevent impulse buying and overstocking the home with too much food. One area where wholesale clubs almost always provide savings is at their pizza counters. Many of these clubs provide large slices of pizza or large servings of lunch foods at very reasonable prices.

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