What are some possible safety meeting topics?


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Possible safety meeting topics include common sense safety, cold storage safety, cross contamination, food handling and office safety, according to State Fund. Specific safety meeting topics depend on the industry.

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Depending on the state, employers may be legally required to implement an injury and illness prevention program to ensure employees are aware of safe work practices, notes State Fund. Some insurance companies require employers to fulfill certain health and safety training responsibilities. Safety meetings can also be used as a means of loss prevention.

Safety meetings can be held at the beginning of the workday, immediately after lunch or after a break, says State Fund. Employers should keep accurate records of when safety meetings are held, the topics discussed, the employees who attended and any recommendations received during the meeting.

Employers can also attend education programs and safety seminars to learn more about workplace safety, notes State Fund. Seminars may cover internal safety, industrial hygiene and ergonomics. Seminars and education programs can be used to teach employers how to remain compliant with current safety regulations, safeguard employees and ensure worksites remain safe. Seminars can be presented by highway patrol, centers for infectious disease preparedness, departments of health services and labor law attorneys.

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