What Are the Possible Questions for a Hospital Pharmacy Technician Interview?

Questions one might encounter in a hospital pharmacy technician interview include: why one wants to work there, why one left a past job, what previous coworkers and employers said about the applicant, what makes the applicant want to hold the position of hospital pharmacy technician and where the candidate sees himself or herself in 5 years. The questions one encounters in a hospital pharmacy technician bear similarity to questions in many other information-gathering interviews. Employers seek candidates devoted to their professions and who can further the hospital's goals.

One common question in pharmacy technician interviews is why the applicant wants to work there. In preparation, applicants should research the hospital to understand its mission, values and objectives. Ideally, responses show the candidate understands those values and can help the hospital further its objectives. Potential employers want to know why candidates seek a job as a hospital technicians.

Candidates highlight unique personal traits, skills and characteristics that demonstrate a good career fit. Interviewers might ask candidates how they handle dealing with difficult customers, clients and situations. They might seek an answer for an anticipated negative encounter or ask candidates to recall similar past situations. Hospital pharmacy technician candidates might encounter questions regarding their greatest weaknesses. Responses might include acknowledging a weakness and improving it, and turning a negative quality into a positive trait.