Is It Possible to Obtain Health Coverage Without a Social Security Number?

In the United States, it is possible to obtain health coverage without a Social Security number (SSN) under new Affordable Care Act standards, states Georgetown University Health Policy Institute. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is required to provide assistance in the SSN application process for non-SSN holders who are eligible for medical coverage.

Individuals with a "lawfully present immigrant" status may also be entitled to health coverage even if they are not qualified for a SSN. In the event that a federal program requires a lawfully present immigrant to supply a SSN for membership, the SSA is duly authorized to grant a "non-work SSN" to the applicant.

The U.S. government defines lawfully present immigrants to include refugees, asylees, lawful permanent residents, Cuban or Haitian entrants and battered non-citizens, children, parents and spouses. These individuals can purchase private health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, notes