Is It Possible to Contest an Auto Insurance Payout If It Is Not Reasonable?

A policyholder has the option of negotiating a settlement offer if he deems it to be too low, notes Nolo. While claims adjusters often make low offers as a way to save their employers money, those low offers can be a place to start the negotiating process for a more reasonable settlement. The policyholder can also turn to an insurance attorney for assistance in obtaining an insurance payout that's more reasonable.

To determine what's a reasonable settlement, it's best to keep current as well as future costs of the auto accident or incident in mind, according to Nolo. While a settlement may seem reasonable at first, the insurance company may not take into consideration the fact that the policyholder sustained long-term injuries that take several months from which to recover rather than several weeks. In this instance, it's best that the policyholder documents any out-of-pocket costs he incurs to truly determine if a settlement is too low.

Coverage limits can also result in a settlement that doesn't adequately cover all expenses after an auto accident, notes Nolo. Drivers who live in no-fault car insurance states and receive minor injuries are more likely to receive low offers that may only take care of a limited amount of lost wages and medical bills. Anyone who isn't comfortable working with an insurance company to negotiate a more reasonable settlement can enlist the help of a knowledgeable insurance attorney.