What Are Some Positively Reviewed Dreyfus Mutual Funds?

The Dreyfus Strategic Value Fund is ranked positively as a large value fund, and the Third Century Fund is ranked highly as a large blend fund, according to U.S. News and World Report. For investors looking for federal tax relief, the Dreyfus High Yield Municipal Bond A Fund is a good choice, claims Zacks Investment Research.

The Strategic Value Fund ranks at number 57 out of 370 large value funds, reports U.S. News and World Report. As of August 2015, the fund had assets of $1.63 billion invested in 72 different holdings. Top holdings include the energy companies Occidental Petroleum and Schlumberger Limited. The fund returned 9.76 percent over the previous year and 19.89 percent over the previous three years.

For socially conscious investors, the Third Century Fund receives positive reviews. Ranking 143 out of 483 large blend funds, the fund's management avoids companies with environmental or consumer protection problems to return 5.73 percent over the past year, according to U.S. News and World Report. With assets of $322.26 million invested in 86 different companies, including Apple and EMC Corporation, the fund had returns of 15.91 percent over the previous three years.

A high-income Dreyfus fund free of federal taxes is the High Yield Municipal Bond Fund. It invests in municipal bonds that are exempt from federal income taxes, reports Zacks Investment Research. Year to date returns as of July 2015 are 6.3 percent. Over the previous three years, returns were 3.6 percent. The fund yields 4.4 percent and is ranked number one for mutual funds by Zacks.