What Are Some Positive Aspects of Advertising?

Because advertising is paid for, advertisers have control over the design, development and placement of advertisements, which isn't always the case with public relations and other unpaid communication. When effective, advertising allows a business to reach a targeted audience with impacting messages that build brand awareness, convey benefits, create favorable impressions and induce buying behavior.

Advertising is a method a company uses to control the image the marketplace has of its brand. Without advertising, it is difficult for consumers who don't walk by a business to realize it exists. Initially generating brand awareness helps a company transition into creating brand recall. When consumers become largely aware of a brand, the next step is to convey distinct brand benefits relative to competitors. With advertising, a business is able to explain the value of its goods and services to persuade consumers to buy.

By working with publishers and broadcasters, advertisers also control when, where and how their messages are presented. If the target market is most accessible through a specialty magazine, the advertiser can work with the publisher to get the right number of placements within a specific budget. Advertising is also useful in presenting messages to combat negative publicity or misconceptions that exist about a brand in the marketplace.