What Are the Positions on a Board of Directors?

What Are the Positions on a Board of Directors?

Positions on a board of directors include a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer and board members. Specific titles and number of positions vary based on the size and needs of the organization. All members are expected to attend all board meetings.

The chair is the leader of the board. He oversees all meetings and appoints the chairs of the organization's committees, which may include governance, finance and audit committees. He creates meeting agendas and assists in recruiting and new member orientations. In some cases, the chair also serves as the president. The vice chairperson also provides leadership to the board, attends all meetings and fills in for the chair if he is unable to attend.

The secretary of the board maintains complete and accurate records for the board. He takes and reviews meeting minutes and notifies board and committee members of upcoming meetings. The secretary is third in command and fills the duties of the chair if the chair and vice chair are unavailable.

The treasurer prepares and presents the organization's annual budget for approval by the board. He makes sure the board also has access to the organization's financial records as needed. He manages the board's financial responsibilities and annual audit. If the organization has an operating finance committee, the treasurer also serves as the chair for that committee.

Some large and complex organizations need additional board members to handle the additional leadership responsibilities. Their responsibilities vary based on the needs of the board.