What Does a Position in Medical Transcription Entail?


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A medical transcriptionist listens to recorded medical dictations and transcribes them into written reports and documents. A medical transcriptionist is skilled in medical terminology, computer software and typing. This position also requires strong grammar and writing skills.

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Each time a doctor or health care provider meets with a patient, she is required to detail the visit. Over 50% of health care providers do so by dictating the account into a recorder. A medical transcriptionist spends the majority of the workday listening to these recordings and typing them into documents. The transcriptionist may have to decipher recordings that are hard to understand. This job requires knowledge and adherence to patient privacy laws such as HIPAA.

The only formal training required to be a medical transcriptionist is a high school diploma, but many transcriptionists opt for more education and certifications to be more competitive in the job market. A medical transcriptionist may work in a physical office, but many positions are home-based, allowing workers to telecommute. Because hospitals do not close for the weekends like most doctor's offices, transcription for hospitals requires night and weekend work.

Almost all transcription jobs are paid per piece, by the word or minute of transcription. This means that home-based jobs are more economical because workers can devote more time to transcribing.

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