What Are Some Popular Types of Mobile Food Truck Businesses?


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Popular types of mobile food truck businesses include food kiosks, concession trailers, gourmet food trucks and mobile caterers. Each food truck business type differs slightly in the mobility of the business or the approach towards producing and selling food.

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Food kiosks are a common sight at sports arenas and shopping malls. They are not designed to move frequently and often require lengthy assembly before they are ready to operate in a specific location. Food carts and concession trailers are often pulled by a passenger car or van and sell ready-made foods, the most popular being ice cream and hot dogs. These two types of mobile food truck businesses tend to require less licensing than full-size food trucks and gourmet food trucks.

Food trucks and their more specialized gourmet cousins are categorized either as industrial catering vehicles in which food is pre-cooked and packaged or as mobile food preparation vehicles, in which food is cooked on the premises as customers wait. Mobile food preparation vehicles tend to be more expensive and harder to register due to more stringent health regulations.

Mobile catering businesses are often mistaken for food trucks and gourmet food trucks but differ in an important aspect of mobility. While food trucks of all kinds tend to operate according to scheduled business hours, mobile catering trucks are almost exclusively hired for specific public and private events. Catering businesses typically let their clients select menu choices before the truck arrives.

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